Congratulations, Dougald! Happy to see this.

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I will be ordering it, Dougald. I don't quite know how the book passed me by. I hope you have the sales you deserve. Of course, I agree with everything you say in this post.

As I age, I'm beginning to throw all my weight in all my work – writing and courses, and how I live – behind the idea that transformation of the way we see the rest of the natural world, as you suggest, is key. I've just written a post ('Of mice') on how we tend, at least in Western post-Enlightenment (so-called) thinking, to see all other species as either a resource or a pest, and either way our attitude is extractive. This is surely how we destroy the web of life, and therefore make all other forms of human destruction if not actually inevitable, at least much more likely.

Bring back the view of the world as sacred, I say; whatever that might mean in our age.

Anyway, thank you for what you do.

A completely different tack, and perhaps you address it elsewhere: I'm pleased that, now that bookshop.org has gone, Blackwell's in the UK offer free shipping (apart from taxes) all over the world. And they're not Amazon.

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Hi Dougald, I’ve just finished your book. I bought it as an audible book and I honestly think that was a good choice, because I heard you read it instead of me! Your melancholy but still positive voice, which after all was the one which wrote the book, was perfect. Only thing is, I would love a list a references for the many quotes in the book. Maybe there is one in the printed version? If there is, do you have it anywhere else? I can’t see one on good old Apple Books!

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Great with our Little Big Café Convo with Trusted Peers in Uppsala! Can't wait to find ways to your place called HOME, and also help out for buzz-making in the Proud Town of Norrköping! Book Tour, yeah??

Keep in touch! "Here, There and Everywhere ..."



// @relovetheworld

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I can’t see it on Chelsea Green’s UK site, only the US one.

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Any chance of a sample?

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