Gordon's podcast is one of my favourites.

It's magnificent when my favourite thinkers join up. It feels like the beginning of a movement.

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How have I missed Rune Soup all this time? All my favorite writers / thinkers in one place! I look forward to listening. Really enjoying your audiobook, Dougald, and admire its clarity and economy. Somehow you are able to express big, complex ideas in elegant ways - no easy feat, though you do make it appear that way.

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Apr 28, 2023Liked by Dougald Hine

I listened to your conversation with Gordon this morning - a nourishing and thought-provoking way to start a long weekend! The encounter with the medieval worldview which you describe is something I experienced as an English Lit student as well, and felt the same thrill at the aliveness of it all.

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I wanted to share this with everyone here. It's "resonant" with what brings us here.


Another Kind of Time – with Jenny Odell (emergencemagazine.org)


An Interview with Jenny Odell

“As planet-bound animals, we live inside shortening and lengthening days; inside the weather, where certain flowers and scents come back, at least for now, to visit a year-older self. Sometimes time is not money but these things instead.” Contemporary life demands that we measure and quantify time in fixed, uniform intervals, divorced from seasonal shifts, from the ways our days naturally stretch and fluctuate. We’re conditioned to treat time, like money, as something we can own, waste, or save; we feel pressure to “beat the clock,” to “seize the day,” to find useful ways to “kill time.” This language betrays an antagonistic, scarcity-based relationship with time that can leave many of us feeling trapped, hurried, and exhausted.

In this expansive conversation, artist and writer Jenny Odell reminds us that it doesn’t have to be this way. In her new book, Saving Time: Discovering a Life Beyond the Clock, Jenny embraces change, texture, and interruption as potential openings in the ceaseless march of minutes and hours—openings that can let us glimpse the inherent unpredictability and creativity of every moment. What choices, what futures, might become possible, she asks, if we slipped free of the domination of clock time and moved toward ways of being that are better tuned to the rhythms and patterns of the Earth?"

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I loved the Rune Soup conversation.

Rune Soup is a clever name for the podcast. I only discovered recently that runes are actually alphabetic letters -- which means that rune soup is a form of alphabet soup.

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