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Thank you, Dougald, for helping me have a better understanding (aka hypothesis) of how the world I was born into came to be . . . the creation story of my culture that was so confusing to me before I began to be able to be able to look at the truth of our current world without judging:

"All creation stories involve a prising apart of the preexistent. The sky is lifted from the waters, light split out of dark, time from space, and the world as we know it roars into being. The industrial world, the social, economic, technological, political and material realities within which the unprecedented uprooting, the great gains and the seldom fully acknowledged losses of modernity have taken place, began with such a fission: the prising apart of production from consumption, which took concrete form in the new separation of work from home."

Your words here help me to see more clearly how The Separation Problem we humans have been "plagued with" since we (or "they") began creating hierarchical cultures over the past 5000+ years has been (and is being) made much worse by the separation of work from home. Thank you for sharing your wisdom!

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This is a beautiful reflection on space, time, home and the unsettling of habits that is migration. I read John Berger's 'And our faces, my heart, brief as photos' some years ago and used it to capture something about my experience of migration that few others - authors, colleagues, even family - seemed to see. The question of 'home' as a cosmology of being in and with the world is critical in our times, our Anthropocene, but is hardly acknowledged in the literatures that I read. Thank you Dougald Hine.

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